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TLOU energy is a dual listed company whose business is the exploration for and proposed production of unconventional gas, pincipally Coal Bed Methane (CMB).


TLOU’s principal assets are in Botswana, where it has the most advanced CBM projects in southern Africa. TLOU's 100% owned Lesedi CBM project has an independently certified contingent resource of up to 3.3 trillion cubic feet (TCF) (3C) with a further prospective resource totalling 8.6 TCF (High Estimate). Tlou is aiming to have certified gas reserves in the near future.

TLOU is currently conducting gas flow testing in the field, three wells are currently been tested (Selemo1, 2 and 4) Selemo 4 gas production exceeding expectations and potentially a second key gas producer alongside Selemo 1 

The Government of Botswana has recently proposed that the delivery of 100 MW of CBM power be incorporated into its future generation supply plans. This very significant development validates On TLOU's strategy, TLOU has now recieved a confirmation from the Botswana government for an off-take agreement for a 50MW pilot project within the Government’s 100 MW power supply plans, which creates a ready market for Tlou’s independently certified contingent gas resources.

In addition, arrangements are underway to use gas for the 2 X 45MW (90 MW total) Open Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant (owned by Botswana Power Corporation) at the Orapa diamond mine, the largest diamond mine in the world and a major consumer of power produced from imported diesel.

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