Welcome to Momentum Trading, the site aims to provide Investors, Traders and anyone interested in the stock, market with a broad set of information about listed companies to facilitate the research process prior to investing, by providing a one-stop shop for investors to help them progress their research. Providing access to multiple sources of information, from research notes, Q&A sessions, Company presentations, company RNSs, Broker research notes, Media coverage and technical analysis.

Momentum Trading aim to be an open source and provide a free tool set of learning materials from charting to Level 2, as well as providing a general and easy understanding of different industries such as Oil and Gas, Mining, alongside terminologies & lingo used in the Stock Market and by companies in the RNSs.


None of the research notes or any information provided in this website should be considered a buy recommendation. They are intended as a source of information only, to provide investors with a two page fact sheet that contain the most useful information about the companies. They are not meant to contain extensive research or in depth analysis of the companies. Therefore it would be recommended and highly advisable to conduct further research prior to committing to buying into any company.

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